Toddler Care

Basic Care Package

While a toddler is being cared for by the family in the home, a babysitter or person who helps with various chores of the child.
Bathing and Diaper Assistance
Meal preparation and nutrition
Laundry and change of clothes
Light Housekeeping
Companionship to social & family activities
Assistance for homework or playing

Why choose toddler care?

By helping with daily activities, our babysitters enable working mothers to resume their daily routines quickly. Our caregivers for toddler care are experts at providing not only personal care and lifestyle support but also encouragement in handling emotional guilt a working mother might find herself dealing with. Surrounded by a safe, reliable and familiar caregiver our customer receive the support they need to resume their work activities and continue balancing things at home too.

Consultation Visits

We send an expert to visit the mother at home to know more about her requirement and the many doubts she might have regarding nutrition, safety, screen time and sleeping. We encourage mothers to discuss their working hours with us and the charter of duties too wit the expert.

Add-ons or basic assistance

This depends on the individual`s needs. Through consultation with our expert, discuss your requirements and the many add-ons you can subscribe to in your plan.

Certified Babysitters

Once your care plan is finalized, your caregiver visits you in less than 2 working days and starts the service for the subscribed time period. On completion of the period, our care managers reach out to you to discuss the next course of action.

Looking for Advice?