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Overcoming Elderly Care Challenges at Home

As a caregiver, there will always be instances when it becomes difficult to handle the mercurial moods of the elders. Who can blame them for it? After living decades of their lives independently, expecting them to depend on another person to do their basic jobs would be infuriating. Isn’t it?

Accepting assistance from a stranger, no matter how affectionate and efficient the person is, will be difficult for them.

If you are a caregiver and have taken up the responsibility of elderly care in Chandigarh or Tricity or if you have an aged person in your family and you are trying to convince them about accepting a caregiver, this post will help you overcome the challenges in convincing the elders.

1. Have Direct Conversations

Do not beat around the bush or try to make light of the situation. Talk to elders face-to-face about the issue at hand. Explain how as a family member you are worried that they have to be alone when you are not at home or how caring for them is leaving you physically and emotionally drained.

As a caregiver, assure them that you are going to supervise or control their activities. Be patient and tell them that as a caregiver, you would be there to assure the loved ones of their safety. Pay attention to the care plan they have prepared for you. Adhere to the routine and the timing of each task specifically.

2. Appeal to Their Emotions

Do not expect the elders to simply accept whatever you say. As a family member, the best way to convince your elders is by using allies. They may realize the need for a caregiver if a doctor advises the same. Make your elders understand that their well-being is your priority and there is no shame in opting for elder or patient care at home in Chandigarh.

As a caregiver, try to emotionally connect with the elders. Tell them a little about your life, listen to their stories, let them speak and make the caring process look like a two-way thing. Assure the elders that this is not just a job for you but also a way to learn from their life experiences.

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We had hired a patient care attendant for my wife who was recuperating after a hip surgery and was completely bed ridden. Youcare carefully analyzed our requirement and understood the preferences and nature of my wife before attaching a caregiver to us. Our caregiver was very caring, punctual and always had a smile on her face. She not only attended to my wife`s needs but also encouraged her to become independent. Within 6 months my wife could actually start walking. I will really recommend YouCare to everyone in need of professional care services.

SK Mehta

I have been a client with YouCare for the past 2 years. Their babysitter is now like a member of our family who we can trust and rely upon for taking care of each and every need of our 4 year old daughter. This is a professional organisation managed by well educated professionals wanting to do good work and provide exceptional services. Will certainly recommend to all working couples to reach out to them.

Mandeep Brar

I am a working mother and required a professional babysitter for my 6 month old son. Youcare offered me two alternatives as per my requirement and the babysitter I selected for my son was sweet, loving and punctual towards her duty. My baby really took to her and I could work in peace knowing there is a reliable organisation responsible for ensuring everything is going fine. Thank you guys for being with me throughout!!

Sonal Singh

We hired an attendant for my mother who was sick and required constant supervision for her personal needs. Our caregiver was professional, soft spoken and very dedicated. She also had a working knowledge of English which made communication with my mother very easy. YouCare is doing a great job.

Mridula Dang

We have hired two caregivers for my mother from YouCare. Both caregivers are trained and professional and very dedicated towards their duty. The Youcare team has been very professional whether for feedback or sending replacements. The team also makes periodic visits to ensure customer satisfaction and grievance redressal. We are satisfied with Youcare.

Lt. Gen P Bakshi

We have hired a live-in nursing assistant from YouCare Services. The caregiver is trained and a thorough professional. My mother has taken to her very well and looks forward to her companionship each day. We are now at peace knowing we have a professional taking care of our mother. Thank YouCare.

Balbir Singh

We had hired a nanny from YouCare for our grandchild. My son was in town and needed help with his new born baby and elder child. Our caregiver was very loving, trained and a thorough professional. She took very good care of both the kids and ensured that the entire family was comfortable while she was around. We were very satisfied with Team YouCare and their services.

Bharat Bhushan

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