About Us

A pinch of ethics, a dollop of innovation. YouCare`s out there to change the way people find care for their loved ones.

a. Who

We are a bunch of helpers. A mixed breed of humans who believe in our power to create happiness, to extend a helping hand and to play our small part in making this life free, beautiful and a wonderful adventure.

b. Why

We felt there was a gap between genuine caregivers who wanted to make a difference and the families who needed help with a loved one. Youcare attempts to bridge this gap by bringing over 200 caregivers duly screened and vetted by us nearer to you at the click of a button.

c. What we do for you

We are on a mission to make finding care easier, simpler and faster for you. Whether it is to search for a helping hand in the care of your aged parents or for a babysitter to be besides your child while you are at work, we offer you a platform to screen, interview and hire caregivers.

d. What we do for caregivers

We provide a platform for caregivers to reach out to families and institutes in need of care. Whether you are a nurse or a nanny in need of better job opportunities and wages, we offer you to get trained and skilled and be visible to everyone in genuine need of care for a loved one.

e. How

We too believe Its quite simple actually ! We attempt to give our users access to the best care options around them. We will operate virtually with very real touch points and bring them all together at your click of a button.

e. What we are not

We are not a maid bureau or an agency to provide domestic workers for household chores. We let you connect with genuine and loving caregivers to take care of every need of your loved one. However, we do not allow our caregivers to be exploited, harassed or abused by any family on the grounds of caste, colour, religion or sex. We maintain checks on families to honour terms of our contract and employ caregivers only for needs of a loved one and not for household chores or duties that the caregiver does not agree to. We take our responsibilities seriously and maintain strict vigilance to ensure adherence to the same.

Our Philosophy




        “Organizations exist to make profit or Organizations make profit to exist”?



We are a set of millennials on the lookout to screw “the business as usual” approach. We do not wish to be evaluated in billions of dollars but in billions of smiles we help spread. We thrive to do good for our users, to enjoy ourselves while doing so and to enable our caregivers and families to be worry free.