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Professional caregiving: A need or a luxury?

Professional caregiving: A need or a luxury?

Most families indulge in various treats of life but often refrain from spending on themselves to make the quality of their lives simpler and better.

Professional caretaking is often such an “indulgence” which due to the fast-paced lives we all live in has become a necessity.

A caregiver is trained in such a way that her chief responsibility is to provide care for elderly or children. Her usual counterpart in many families: a domestic help, on the other hand, can be hired for multiple reasons – cleaning, laundry, cooking, and for helping out in errands and daily chores.

Why caregivers are imperative for the elderly at home?

If we look closely at the following chart, we will see that the elderly population has been
increasing constantly for the last 60 years in India.

elderly population
source :

And in every decade, the population increase in elderly demographics always exceeded the total increase in the population.

And since now at every household, the young members need to go to work every day, the elderly at home miss out on the minimum care they deserve at their old age.

Solution? Professional caregivers.

Professionally trained, they know not just how to tend to the grooming and mobility needs of your parents but to also handle emotional outbursts, give them a sense of purpose and well-being in life and letting them reminisce about their old days with patience and love.

The need for semi-parenting while the parents are at work

With the ever-growing need of making ends meet, parents of the younger generation work
super-hard. They take up well-paying jobs to support their children’s education and their upbringing needs. But as a result, rarely they (especially working moms) are able to spend time with their kids or provide them with parental guidance.

Have a look at this fascinating statistic offered by the World Bank.

working women

As per the report above, working women (15+ age group) of India has reduced from 35% in the year 1990 to only 27% in 2017. And if you look closely at the chart, you will see all the other countries mentioned here only show a positive outlook toward working women.

So, what’s not working?

It’s because after being a mother, women in India don’t feel confident leaving their child to a domestic help. Because it’s fair to admit that domestic help can`t provide the parenting with a mother would. And as a result, they can’t pursue a career they would like.

How caregivers are better than domestic help?

The number one reason for which the caregivers stand out is their training and for the purpose, they are trained for. Domestic help is not trained whatsoever to act as a semi-parent to a toddler or a caregiver to the elderly.

Due to the lack of education of domestic help, most are not emotionally or physically hygienic enough to cater to the subtle needs of a loved one which requires care, love and empathy.

While no-one can replace the affection, care, and love of near-and-dear ones, caregivers can provide you with the option to think about your career or to spend quality time with your elders once again.

YouCare is the most trusted and reliable medium in Chandigarh Tricity to book and hire pre-trained and pre-vetted caregivers for elderly and infant care services at home.

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We had hired a patient care attendant for my wife who was recuperating after a hip surgery and was completely bed ridden. Youcare carefully analyzed our requirement and understood the preferences and nature of my wife before attaching a caregiver to us. Our caregiver was very caring, punctual and always had a smile on her face. She not only attended to my wife`s needs but also encouraged her to become independent. Within 6 months my wife could actually start walking. I will really recommend YouCare to everyone in need of professional care services.

SK Mehta
SK Mehta

I have been a client with YouCare for the past 2 years. Their babysitter is now like a member of our family who we can trust and rely upon for taking care of each and every need of our 4 year old daughter. This is a professional organisation managed by well educated professionals wanting to do good work and provide exceptional services. Will certainly recommend to all working couples to reach out to them.

Mandeep Brar
Mandeep Brar

I am a working mother and required a professional babysitter for my 6 month old son. Youcare offered me two alternatives as per my requirement and the babysitter I selected for my son was sweet, loving and punctual towards her duty. My baby really took to her and I could work in peace knowing there is a reliable organisation responsible for ensuring everything is going fine. Thank you guys for being with me throughout!!

Sonal Singh
Sonal Singh

We hired an attendant for my mother who was sick and required constant supervision for her personal needs. Our caregiver was professional, soft spoken and very dedicated. She also had a working knowledge of English which made communication with my mother very easy. YouCare is doing a great job.

Mridula Dang
Mridula Dang

We have hired two caregivers for my mother from YouCare. Both caregivers are trained and professional and very dedicated towards their duty. The Youcare team has been very professional whether for feedback or sending replacements. The team also makes periodic visits to ensure customer satisfaction and grievance redressal. We are satisfied with Youcare.

Lt. Gen P Bakshi
Lt. Gen P Bakshi

We have hired a live-in nursing assistant from YouCare Services. The caregiver is trained and a thorough professional. My mother has taken to her very well and looks forward to her companionship each day. We are now at peace knowing we have a professional taking care of our mother. Thank YouCare.

Balbir Singh
Balbir Singh

We had hired a nanny from YouCare for our grandchild. My son was in town and needed help with his new born baby and elder child. Our caregiver was very loving, trained and a thorough professional. She took very good care of both the kids and ensured that the entire family was comfortable while she was around. We were very satisfied with Team YouCare and their services.

Bharat Bhushan
Bharat Bhushan

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